Coyote Clown speaks!

Now is when coyote yips the first cries into the ether, singing moon-thoughts across the valley in celebration of finding a voice.

 After months of wrestling the fears and doubts in my mind about undertaking this page I am now ready to loose the coyote within and begin telling the tale of where a simple crooked stick has taken me. I shan’t reveal it hurriedly or chronologically or logically, nor even faithfully, but I will strive to afford you a glimpse within the workings of an atlatl-obsessed man. I am not a champion thrower but I have seen champions throw, I am not a crafter of museum-pieces but I know some who are, and I am not an atlatl innovator or experimenter but I have benefitted from the discoveries of others. I am simply one who enjoys the feel of a good throw and the sight of a dart that flies to where I aimed it. If I can share that small joy with you then my fun will have been doubled and your time here won’t have been in vain. Hey ho, let’s go throw!

Saratoga Event a Huge Success

The 30th Annivery of the Kid’s World Atlatl Contest & Atlatl Symposium was a huge success in Saratoga this weekend.  The Coyote Clown will update you on all the particulars.  But in a nutshell, the event was well attended, there were lots of 3D targets, including the debut of Little Eric, and the weather was the usual Wyoming “is it spring or is it not” type of thing.  The symposium Saturday afternoon focused on the archaeological history of the atlatl and the history of the Wyoming Atlatl & Social Club.  A silent auction followed with many unique items available.  The evening was topped off with an awards banquet to honor the participants and the supporters.