Coyote Clown speaks!

Now is when coyote yips the first cries into the ether, singing moon-thoughts across the valley in celebration of finding a voice.

 After months of wrestling the fears and doubts in my mind about undertaking this page I am now ready to loose the coyote within and begin telling the tale of where a simple crooked stick has taken me. I shan’t reveal it hurriedly or chronologically or logically, nor even faithfully, but I will strive to afford you a glimpse within the workings of an atlatl-obsessed man. I am not a champion thrower but I have seen champions throw, I am not a crafter of museum-pieces but I know some who are, and I am not an atlatl innovator or experimenter but I have benefitted from the discoveries of others. I am simply one who enjoys the feel of a good throw and the sight of a dart that flies to where I aimed it. If I can share that small joy with you then my fun will have been doubled and your time here won’t have been in vain. Hey ho, let’s go throw!